Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Its tiring when hatred grows. intentionally, it has to be let go, but un-intentionally, it surface from the deep conscious and sinked you in.

Hatred is nightmare, that prey on you even awake...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who runs the hospital

I just came back to Shanghai from HangZhou, last Saturday, and got sick. I went to a local hospital for check up, they asked if I was covered by travel insurance and would like to make a claim, I need to go to the foreigner section. So i went, and the bills comes out RMB557, RMB500 for the 15 minutes consultation on a common flu, and RMB57 for the medicine.

My friend told me the consultation for locals are only RMB14. So its a ripped off for foreigners, or shall I say the insurance company (If my claim is successful).

On the point of view of the hospital, there's the opportunity to earn more, a lot more, and unreasonable more. Is there a need for the foreigner to go to a special section for insurance claim? Does the service provided worth the fee? or its purely catching on the opportunity to ripped huge profits?

Use our wisdom

Our mind could run wherever it wants and comes up with various kind of thought , it is the nature of the mind.

Lets use our wisdom to decide how we should act. Explore the thoughts, and feeling, what's behind them, and do we want to summit our action to them.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grandma's story

I chatted with my grandma a moment ago, and she talked about her childhood, and my dad's and his sibling's childhood. and it was real tough. life back them is simple, the purpose is to survive, and keep the family alive. These days, perhaps its not a issue anymore, so now is about financial freedom, become a millionaire, excel among peers, get enlightened and etc. listening to their life makes me feel more content, and regret of course.

I never realized what I am now is a result and continuation of their struggle. I never went through meal problem, never walk for more than 5km to earn a day's living, never walk to see a doctor for can't affording the fare and never plead for help for lack of money. And what they go through back then, result in the way of living of later days.

Back then, there's more warmth in the community, the doctor will treat you for free. Yeah, for free, because thats what need to be done. The neighborhood helps you to build your house, they worried over your safety, they share food with the those in hunger and so on.

Today as i walk to the mall, there's a lady sitting on the floor, with a little girl in her hand, and a cup on the floor. i saw her few times, she is always there. Every time i feel like talking to her and offer some help or get her some food., which i didn't. As i leave the mall, i bought some pastry for them, but they are gone. The pastry ends up my dinner.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

UNIQLO Tshirt Design

I received an email notification 2 days back on being shortlisted in a T-shirt Design competition.

I submitted a few, only one get shortlisted, but its my favorite, when i done it and show to a friend, she reply me on how she felt.

The rational behind it is i realize if we pay a bit of attention to how people feel, then you won't feel bad or irritated on most situation. and if you observe closely, people feeling changes all the time following their sensual contact with the environment.

This shirt invites viewers to observe others feeling, just observe without opinion. and its kinda unique i think, instead of a shirt that shapes personality, the wearer and viewer are giving meaning to it by filling in the blank, so different time, different people, different meaning.

no worries on cloth clashing...haha.

I think it will be kinda fun to see bunch of people wearing different color versions of it on streets.

If you are happen to be here, leave a comment and say how you are feeling now. cheers

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

where are these

where is the mind?

i realise my thoughts are make up of sounds, visuals. so what is this seeing and hearing? how this seeing and hearing occurs, thoughts has form?

greed(craving), hatred(aversion), delusion(mind object) ? how the heck buddha could eliminate all these? how does he penetrate the ultimate reality?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


i am still alive. but if i am in the wheel of samsara, does it still matters?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Work it out

During a drink with my fren last nite, we talk about money and how much is enough. He told me about his fren who plans to bring along his wife to USA to work as squatters. the reason, both of them are waiters, having two kids and their income is not sufficient to makes them see a bright future for the family.
The kids are aged at few months old and 2, their plan is that they would go USA to work for another 4 years. And when they returned, they would somehow like save more than RM200k to start some small business, and the gap of relationship with the child would not be significant.
First, i was thinking the child may developed some insecurity and lack of love, since i just attended a workshop thats mentions the first 7 years of childhood will programme a lot of beliefs into one life. on the other hand, i have a great respect for this young couple, they are working togather to build up their family for a brighter future rather than fussing. Ain't that a important attitude to bond a family togather? its not about you or me, its about us.

Monday, April 02, 2007

i feel anger arising

its not a good start for morning, most of the time, i am either busy with work, of just relaxing myself. but now, some anger arises. if i have a gun, i might put a bullet over the person responsible for below two clipping.

First one: about an Iraqi girl named Sabrine. read the full story here

Second one: its on every major news, the Iran capture 15 British crew and put them on TV. but in this case, its not the same as in Afghanistan where they are being prosecuted. they are being treated nicely, and on TV, explained why the heck they are being captured, but also state that they are being well treated.

The Iran gov is making this a peaceful resolution, their law is being carried out, in a humanity and reasonable way. but on the other end, B&B(bush and blair) are making one heck of a noise, saying how wrong the Iranian are, and demanded a immediate release, without an apology. read the full story here

okay, anyhow i won't pull the trigger, i am buddha followers. Any chances spreading dharma to both B&B?